VIPRE for Hyper-V


Powerful Malware Protection for Hyper-V Environments

VIPRE offers fully integrated security management for Microsoft Windows® Server Hyper-V® virtual environments. An add-on service for VIPRE Endpoint Security, VIPRE Business Premium and VIPRE Antivirus Business, VIPRE for Hyper-V lets you deploy VIPRE security agents via the hypervisor for potent anti-malware protection.

VIPRE for Hyper-V® Features

Engineered Specifically for Hyper-V

Enables superior performance without compromising malware protection, offering fully integrated security management for Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V.

Efficient Workload Management

Keeps your servers responsive and employees productive, balancing usability and availability through workload management to ensure scans don’t slow down server performance.


Easy Agentless Deployment

Security solution runs in the hypervisor, scanning virtual environments for threats without the performance impact associated with running antivirus on every guest OS.

Proactive Detection of Unprotected Devices

Proactively discovers and identifies unprotected devices introduced to your network.


Scalable with Your Needs

Maximizes the time and resources you’ve invested in creating Hyper-V environments by securing your guests with a leading endpoint security solution.