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Gold Rush Technology is an Authorised Reseller of VIPRE Antivirus products. We can only answer questions about orders and existing subscriptions when you have purchased your subscription from us. If you don't get your answer from the following questions, we recommend you check out our FAQ Page.. FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, and the reason we ask you to do that is that 90% of the phone calls or emails we get are answered here!

Please answer the following questions to find the best VIPRE solution for you. If you still have a different question, please Contact Us.

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Which Subscription Is Best For My Business?

Which situation best describes your business?

By Microsoft Server we mean a Windows Server 2008, Windows Essentials 2012,  Windows Server 2012, or Windows Server 2016 or equivalent. What we don't mean is a Windows workstation (Windows 7,8 or 10) running as a shared file server for a small office.

See explanation for server above. The consumer product is best for you, unless you have at least 5 computers, are likely to grow past 10 very soon, and/or require centralised managment, then VIPRE Endpoint Security Cloud Edition is your best option. 

With cloud computing, businesses may have more than 10 computers without a server if they have a lot of staff working around the company just on notebooks, then this is the scenario. The VIPRE Endpoint Cloud is the best product for you.


The VIPRE Endpoint Security Server Edition  is installed on a server (or central workstation), and then the software agent is deployed out to the rest of the computers in the business from this software. If you don't want to run the server software you can still get the centralised management of your antivirus software using VIPRE Endpoint Cloud Edition, or if you have less than 10 computers and don't have a server, use the consumer software.

Where did you purchase VIPRE?

We can only answer your question if you purchased from us.

All orders from have order numbers in one of the following formats

If ordered before January 15 2018 (old website)

  • They start with 02-
  • They then have a 5 character number which represents your customer number
  • Then they have a 5 character number which represents your specific order number
  • Then the finish with an 8 character number that represents your order date in the form of YYYYMMDD
  • So your order number will look something like: 02-05436-04976-20140210

If ordered on or after January 15th 2018 (this new website)

  • The order number is in the format yyyy-9999-GRT 
  • The first 4 numbers represent the order year
  • The next 4 numbers are a unique number
  • So your order number will look something like: 2018-1023-GRT

The payment gateway we use is Shopify, and your credit card will have the merchant name of SP * VIPRE.COM.AU.

So, if you paid by PayPal or Cleverbridge, have an order number that is not in the above format then you didn't purchase your software from us.

We also never send CDs, and don't have any retail outlets.